"Animals are such agreeable companions. They ask no questions. They pass no criticisms."       

George Eliot

How amazing is it when you walk in the door of your home and are greeted as if you've been gone for weeks and dearly missed, even if you've only been gone ten minutes? You are their favorite thing in the world and they never tire of telling you so. No matter what's going on in our lives, just the sight of our animal companions has the power to make us smile and lighten the load. They don't care how we look or if we are in a grumpy  mood. They just want to be by our side, and share in our company. 

My  name is Toni and I draw animals because of my deep love for them. My goal is to create an image that captures the spirit and essence of your pet's personality, forever honoring their place in your heart and life.

How Does it Work?

You send me images of your beloved animal companion. I get to work right away creating a portrait that will capture the soul of your friend and honor your love for them. I work in pastel pencils on acid free, archival quality paper to create images that will last a lifetime. Your portrait will arrive matted and framed and ready to hang and enjoy. Most portraits can be completed and shipped with 1-2 weeks, no longer than 4 weeks. If you need your portrait by a specific date, please contact me and we can work out the details. 


Terrier, Pastel
Mastiff, Pastel
Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu, Pastel
Lhasa Apso, Pastel
Axel, German Shepherd
Axel's Portrait, Pastel
Me, Matt Hickey, and Axel
German Shepherd Family
Portrait of Shepherd Family, Pastel
Beagle, Pastel
Horses, Pastel
Guy the Horse, Pastel
Chevy the Cat
Chevy, Pastel
Lucy, Pastel
Basset Hound
Basset Hound, Pastel
Bandit the Corgi Puppy, Pastel
Boxer, Pastel
Neighborhood Friends
Shelter Dogs
Puppy, Pastel
Bonded Pair, Cat and Parrot, Pastel

The cost of an original, one-of-a-kind custom pet portrait in pastel is $125., including framing (see above photo in the gallery for a framing example). Your portrait will measure approximately 8x10"; the framed size is 12x15". All domestic orders ship out via FedEx for free. Please contact me for a shipping estimate if you live outside the U.S.  

"Toni created a picture of my beloved cat of 18 years, Lucy. She had passed away six years ago, and I had only one small photo of her. Imagine my amazement when I saw the finished drawing and realized that Toni had captured not only Lucy's image but her very unique personality."

"Toni created a beautiful image of my dog, Lily. It was a birthday present for my wife, and she loved it!"

"Toni has a special talent for capturing a dog's personality and soul. I love looking at the drawing she made of my cocker spaniel, Maggie. I will have Maggie with me forever in that drawing. Thank you, Toni!"


Why Draw Animals? About Me

My love of animals started at an early age. I grew up with cats and dogs. However, when I was 10, I came home from school to find out my mother had given my beloved dog, Lady, away. I was devastated and begged her to bring her back. She would not. It was on that day I made a vow, “I will never love an animal again because it hurts too much”. And I did not have another animal in my life until my husband got a parrot he named Lafitte. I had long sense forgotten my childhood vow and fell in love with that parrot.

Unfortunately, years later, Lafitte went with my husband after we divorced. I was devastated over the loss. I cried whenever I would think of Lafitte. I was confused as to the extent of my pain, and that I couldn’t seem to get over the loss. It was then that my childhood trauma came flooding back to me. I remembered the vow I made at ten to never love an animal again. I realized I had broken my vow. It was then, I decided to find a pet to love. My first pet on my own was a wonderful African Grey Parrot named Lucia. Today I have my beloved toy poodle, Pepper.

The drawing of pets came about when a close friend persistently suggested I take art classes. I ignored the idea for some time until one morning I woke up and thought, “I want to draw dogs.” It is my belief, the sorrow I felt when Lady and Lafitte were taken from me led me to be so passionate about drawing animals. Drawing them is healing for me and brings me joy.

Often people will ask why I don't draw other things, to which my response is “drawing animals makes me happy.” It is this happiness I wish to pass on to you through my drawings. It is my hope a drawing of your pet will bring joy to you as well. 

Questions? Please fill out the contact form below and I'll get back to you right away. You may also email me directly at Toni@TonisPetPortraits.com, or call (317) 847-5697.

Thanks for your inquiry!